Most Common Wood Flooring Issues and Their Remedies

Hard Wood floors are a hot favorite in the San Diego region due to their exquisite aesthetic appeal and prolonged durability. They are classic to look and always maintain an uplifting environment in the house. Although being resistant to long-term damage, hardwood floors are pretty susceptible to frequent wear and tear. This happens due to untidy installation and high foot traffic. If there are pets or children in your house, this is almost inevitable. A San Diego Flooring Repair Company reveals the most common issues they face with hardwood flooring and how they are able to resolve them.

So, in this blog post, we will discuss the various flooring issues and a few tips to avoid them in the first place!

1. Too Much Space between Planks

Hardwood floors are prone to inner movements that take place due to change in weather. During the humid weather, the planks widen a bit and hold to each other tightly, whereas as dry season comes in, the floor settles back to take its regular shape, which causes gaps to appear between the planks. This can be treated by using thin scrapings of wood that can easily slip inside those larger-than-usual gaps.

2. Finish Is Peeling Off

A bad and peeling finish is basically caused by a bad start. We mean that primary reason that your finish is withering off is a poor application of the finish in the first place. May be the floor was not completely dry when the finish was being applied or maybe it was not properly cleaned. Both these factors equally contribute towards a peeling finish. A simple and straightforward solution according to San Diego Flooring Repair is to remove the entire poorly-done finish and redo it neatly again. Nothing else works.

3. Buckling

Buckling is the phenomena of flooring bulging out of its place. It happens when the base of the floor has gotten too damp or the floor was too dry when it was laid in. When the planks absorb moisture, they expand beyond the limit and hence move outwards. Whenever this happens, know that your floorboard needs replacement. Sometimes, you can replace a plank or two, but if the damage is serious, you must go in for the floorboard replacement.

4. Fracturing

There could be several reasons for a floor to fracture. It has been observed that factory-made floors are more susceptible to fracturing than the regular ones. The reason is unknown but the San Diego Flooring Repair Company suggests it might be related to finishing methods. Sometimes, it also happens due to inappropriate hammering or consumer activities.

There is a simple way to fix this issue which is, using some wood filler alongside finish solution. Many factory-made floors come with a repair-kit for the same or otherwise one can be bought from any home improvement store.

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